Understanding Shipping

Understanding Shipping

The course is based on nine correspondence lessons, with a personal tutor assigned to each student. After each lesson the student is required to submit a test paper comprising of a number of multiple choice question as well as a short written paper of about 150 words.

At the end of the course students will be invited to attend a brief interview – should they be successful they will be awarded the Understanding Shipping certificate.

The Lessons:

The Planet, People and Trade
  • World Geography
  • Climate
  • Why Countries Trade
  • The Scale & Value of International Trade
  • International Trade by sea
  • The Demand for Shipping
  • Types of Cargo
The Growth of International Trade & Shipping
  • The Growth of Seaborne Trade
  • The Growth of the Merchant Shipping Fleet
  • The Development of Modern Ships
  • The Major Trade Routes
  • Canals and Waterways
Types of Ships
  • Bulk Carriers General Purpose Ships Container Ships Reefers Ro-Ro Ships Tankers
  • Liner Services vs Tramp Shipping
  • Transporting People
  • Containers and Containerised Cargoes
  • The Design of a Ship
  • The Life Cycle of a Ship
The Role of Ports
  • The Location of ports
  • The World’s Largest Ports
  • Port Infrastructure
  • Cargo Operations
  • Organisation of a Port
  • Port Ownership
  • Role of the Ship Agent
  • Turnaround Times in Ports
  • Port Congestion
The Voyage
  • The Cargo Owner
  • The Shipbroker
  • Shipowners and Ship Operators
  • The Charterer
  • Preparing the Ship for Cargo
  • The Loading Port
  • Loading the Ship
  • Before Departure
  • After Departure
  • The Sea Passage
  • The Discharge Port
  • The Redelivery of the Ship/Off-hire
The Charter Markets & Shipbroking
  • The Markets
  • Shipbroking
  • Types of Charter
  • The Mechanics of Fixing a Ship
  • The Shipbrokers’ Responsibility
  • After the Fixture
  • The Shipbrokers’ Commission
  • Specialist Brokers
  • Sale and Purchase Brokers
Key Documents in Shipping
  • Definition of a Contract
  • Bill of Lading
  • Charter Parties
  • Cargo/Ship Offers
  • Other Documents
The Development of Ships, Shipping Cycles & Maths
  • Revolutions in Shipping
  • Shipping Cycles
  • External Influences in Shipping
  • Laytime, Demurrage and Despatch Calculations
  • Voyage Estimates
South Africa Focus
  • Introduction
  • South African Cargoes
  • Our Ports
  • Key Players Within the South African Shipping Industry

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