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What is TutorShip?


Tutorship provides the flexibility that allows the student to study during free time around their work and home life. It is easily carried around and a truly international form of the study that moves and works with the student.

It is in a structured and easy-to-follow format, plus it is supported personally by an industry expert, who are all specialists in their chosen fields.

Online Tutorials

Institute Tutorship students gain access to a series of webinars on key topics led by examiners and subjects experts.

How does TutorShip work?


After enrolment, the student will receive a package, either from your local Institute Teaching Centre (ITC), depending on where they are in the world.

The TutorShip course draws the students’ attention to how broad and complex shipping is. The questions on each chapter compel students to successfully investigate the text and illustrations in the course books to arrive at the correct answer.

The workbooks are divided into sections, each containing a number of questions relating to corresponding sections of the course book.

The student can be assisted through each of these steps by their tutor to whom they send assignments for feedback. There is a mock examination as the final preparation for the exams.

In turn, the assignments reassures the tutor that the student has a decent grasp of the subject. And when all the questions and assignments have been completed, the mock examination confirms that this exam preparation course has been a success.

Why TutorShip work?


You should take TutorShip course if you are looking for:

  • A highly flexible study option that fits around your work and home life;
  • A truly portable and international form of study that moves and works with you;
  • A structured and easy-to-follow format;
  • The personal support of an industry expert.

I chose TutorShip, because I wanted assistance and direction, to be able to ask questions and to understand what level I was working at. 

Having a tutor responding and encouraging me helped me keep motivated and on track. My TutorShip experience was invaluable in helping me study and pass my exams.

Former Student


TutorShip in a nutshell


Once enrolled in a course you will recceive:

  • The latest TutorShip course book and workbook;
  • Allocated tutor, who will guide you through your studies and answer your questions;
  • Access to a series of online tutorials on key topics;
  • A mock examination that is assessed by your specific tutor.

TutorShip Students

Institute Tutorship students achieve pass rates above 80% and includes international Prize winners.

What can I say, TutorShip was fantastic! I would recommend it to anyone, good information, great teachers, good friends and great times.

Former Student

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