From the Chairman’s Desk

by | 1 Dec 2018 | 2018 December, News

Another year has come and gone in a flash, and as we reflect over the last year, there has been many changes of personnel in the office, but I am happy now that things have settled and we have two great ladies in Glynis and Trishelle and we are poised and ready for 2019.

We successfully held exams in May and November with a Prep weekend in April.  Results are still poor with a less than 50% pass rate and a number of students deferring their exams.  The target is to get above a 60% pass rate and all efforts are being made to engage the students and give encouragement.

Open Days were held around the world and South Africa successfully participated.

The Institute is truly Global and members should be very proud to be associated with 28 branches around the world (the new Benelux Branch is being inaugurated)

The institute is undertaking two major Projects namely Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and Digitalization of the Institute offerings, both of which are important to keep the Institute relevant in the modern world.

In the new year a major effort needs to be made in aligning ourselves with industry and becoming a part of the Maritime Industry in South Africa.

Here’s wishing all Fellows, members, associates and students a merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.