ICS South Africa Newsletter – Vol 2 No. 4

ICS South Africa Newsletter – Vol 2 No. 4

Spring just got a lot easier!

I will admit that there has been so much happening at the ICS that I have been feeling a little overwhelmed over the past few weeks; so much so that this newsletter is now being issued a month later than planned. Perhaps it is just as well as this allows us to keep you informed of the very latest happenings at ICS.

Whilst we Celebrate 20 years of ICS in South Africa this is also a celebration in South Africa marking 20 years of Democracy. Our heritage month, in September is shared with the celebration of World Maritime Day.

As mentioned during our week of celebration, it is vital to see the important role that our Industry plays in our Heritage.

I anticipate that things will quieten down a little as we head towards year end allowing us to enjoy the warmer weather and rejoice at hopefully seeing the end of winter.

Natasha Vaughan FICS

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