ICS South Africa Newsletter – July 2015

ICS South Africa Newsletter – July 2015

Hello again

A lot of time has passed since our last newsletter, for which I have to apologise. The original intention was a short update ever second month or so but it has been 6 months already since our last newsletter. I hope that you have kept up to date on some news and activities via our website and the Shipping Network, the official magazine of the Institute.

Having said that, we have been working on keeping our website up to date with new content and useful information and would suggest that you check in here every now and then. Of course special thanks go to the sub-committee involved in this, thank you.

As Members and Fellows of the Institute we all contribute to increasing the standards in our industry and by this we ensure that the greatest opportunity is given to all students, everywhere, to ensure that they have the best opportunity of passing. With this in mind, we are currently focusing on increasing our pool of tutors locally and continue to work on improving our exam prep each year.

The Institute appeals to all Members and Fellows to offer their assistance in any areas that they can.

Natasha Vaughan FICS

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